FRIENDSHIP- A promise spoken from heart

Looking back it’s hard to believe how much my friends have shaped my life. It’s hard to think of what my life would be like without them.For these people, I would take a bullet for.

Friendship is the relationship valued by all , agreed ?? Without friends life is empty , agreed ??? I know, i know , u all must hav !!! 🙂

This one post is for my bestiee … in 2 years or even less she became my life .. my psychologist …. words aren’t enough to describe her !!! As usual, we were chatting in fb .. she sent ” just sent a hi to nive, hope i dont get insulted . lol .. ” Nive was her old skul friend and yes they were best friends . I had heard many stories of their friendship. And before i did reply for her previous msg came another “she dint reply .. seen . but dint reply ! how cud she do dis 😥 ” … she was hurt .. hurt that her best friend has changed her priorities .. hurt that she avoided her .. hurt that she doesn’t even have time to reply a basic “hi”…Yes , she was damn hurt. I could sense that. Tears rolled down her eyes. She couldn’t bear the fact that her best friend no more needs her. It is rightly said that the heart takes more time to accept things that the brain already knows.

This was what i replied…  “dude, chill and calm down first.Accept the reality that she no more has time for you and move on .I understand that she was your best friend .. but she WAS not IS anymore. At times like these only you come to know who your real friends are “. When she asked me in anger whether she should block her, i told her not to block but just delete that msg from her own inbox and forget that she did ever send dat msg to her. That i did so that she dint have to again and again see that “seen” in her inbox. “Listen yaar, its good dat you dint see any ego and texted her first. So it is not your fault to have sent that msg. First thing you should do is now to forget. Dont keep thinking about the past. Live in the present (with me ,an awesum frnd :P) and wait for her to come back to you. Believe in your friendship dont break it. I assure you some day she will realise what you and your friendship meant to her and that day she will open her inbox to leave a msg for you and when she will do that she will see that you had sum days, months or years back , had sent a msg and she hadnt replied . She will feel guilty for sure and that day you can proudly boast that your friendship was true and it won”

So readers, i know surely that you would have understood the pain of being avoided by your very bff !!!.. But dont get disheartened .. if she/he would have really been your friend, they will come back. Believe your friendship… If they weren’t true then you should be thankful that atleast they walked out of your life before you got a chance to kick them out of your life..

To end with i will quote a quote here … “Be slow to fall into friendship, but when you are in, continue firm and constant.”


Just a short note to all ….

Hey everyone,

I just pinged up a post on the debate between your mind and your heart !! I really hope that you people reading my blog out there would have found that a helpful post !!… I jus really wish that my posts would help you overcome the challenges, difficulties and dilemmas in life..

If you do have a similar situation to share with me , do tell me what had happened and how you faced it !! I would truly like to hear from you all !!! 🙂 🙂 And if you are going through any problem and at the moment not able to find a solution to it, dont hesitate composing a mail to me at .. I will surely write back to you or press a post in my blog !!


– your SATZ

The war between ua mind and ua heart !!!

The biggest battle one can ever win is that between the mind and the heart … We all normally end up hearing two different voices of our own self which tends to confuse us even more ..  Your heart and your head are like two advisors. They operate in different ways and speak different languages.

Lets take the incident of friendship .. Think of a situation where you have been very hardly hurt by your bff and you are a in situation wondering if to LET GO or HOLD ON ….As you reside in the dilemma between true forgiveness and painful hurt , you keep struggling with the tug of war between mind and heart .. what does one do ???

You must be able to hear your mind saying on one side “that person whom you liked so much, whom you believed so much has given only hurt and tears in return for your valuable friendship. You cant forgive them”…

But then the debate shifts to our heart … ” after all she/he is our bff .. for a temporary emotion how can you destroy the relation permanently ?? Until you forgive them you will find harming our ownself . not the person who hurt you .. so just let go of their mistake … give them another chance”…. Our heart seems to be the most beautiful organ in our body. It is the heart which is HURT first and it is the heart itself trying to remind you that you cant take revenge on your very best friend … FORGIVE AND FORGET !! 🙂

Now coming to the action part .. which voice should you listen to ??.. The answer is BOTH … But how ???

LISTEN WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS FIRST :- the more you listen the more you find the answer

THINK MORE ABOUT THE SITUATION :- handle the situation in the best way you can without self-harming and harming the other person

ASK OUR MIND :- try to think practically and analyse mistakes of yours and that of your friend’s

COMBINE :- blend our heart and mind .. make it one … decide whats best for the time being .. at one point of time you will find your mind too following your heart


Remember, The only thing greater than the POWER OF MIND is the COURAGE OF HEART !!

To end with, i would like to share a little secret .. you dont really have to choose between the mind and the heart. The only reason you think they’re separate is because you’ve been told they are….

Dear reader, if you too have faced a similar situation do write to me about whose voice you ended up listening to . Leave a comment or if its too personal .. you can seek me in my mail .. i will write back to you for sure !!

Hello lovely people,

As every new blogger , i too was in a confused state about how to start with !!!

So there i go, with a very short intro about me … I have been uniquely named as Satyagiti Purohit (and yes, i hate that name of mine) but I’d like to be called Satz !! (my bestie gave me that name) …. I stay in Chennai,India though im a Sambalpuri !! (native is Sambalpur,Odisha)

I’m a 17year old teen girl and the only child of my parents !! Yea , u read it rite .. i have no siblings to share my mamma-paapa’s love !!! I am my mom’s best friend and my dad’s little girl .. Thats all is my small happy family !! DAD ,MOM & ME….For my parents i am their everything .. under my dad’s full protection and mom’s unconditonal love , life is admittably very beautiful but the only thing i ever regret is not having a baby sis/bro …

However, sometimes I’ve had hard times since there are a lot of challenges as well. But even so, I’ve tried to look in a positive side, because I know dealing with life isn’t an easy thing. In order to improve my work performance and myself, I believe there are still many things I have to learn, and need to strive for having a better life in the future…

My blog would be about various experiences that we face through life and how we find a solution to each problem that life offers us … Every human, i assure would be able to relate to these incidents ..


— your SATZ